Poetry Month Takes over Wilson College

If you have seen chalk in front of the library or a well-dressed professor interrupt a class, it means poetry is the theme on campus. Poetry month is here at Wilson College with Instructor of English and Student Media Advisor, Dr. Matthew McBride, spearheading a month of finely thought out words and stanzas that has enveloped campus. McBride, who has a Masters in Fine Arts, Creative Writing-Poetry from Boleyn Green State University, has paired with Shana Hollich and Courtney Gotham from the library to coordinate this month.
An energetic and passionate teacher, McBride took his love of poetry and applied it to the campus. He was inspired this month, aiming to use poetry as a way to build a little community, help people feel connected, and provide a creative outlet for students struggling with essays and exams.
After brainstorming with the Wilson College Communications Department, poetry month could take effect. Guerilla tactics of poetry were adopted with poems written in chalk on the sidewalk. Poem in your pocket day, which some other libraries do as well as a weekly prompt gives people the ability to use their creative skills.
For this event, McBride has been extremely industrious coming up with prompts, looking up poems, and pulling poems from his own personal library. This wily professor has even managed to ingratiate himself into classes with the permission of Kathleen Cunniffe Pena and Wendell Smith to see what their student came up with. Some members of the student body produced some copied or original work which earnt them “swag” donated by Wilson alumni.
April was meant to culminate in a bonfire up at Fulton Farm where people could share their poems, some nice weather, and make some s’mores. In an added bonus, the stick sculpture that had graced the Wilson campus had been taken down and would be burnt at the bonfire.
Unfortunately, after all the build-up adverse weather and stormy conditions forced a change in location for this event. Instead, the event took place in the revamped Sarah’s Coffeehouse where instead of s’mores, the ever reliable Domino’s Pizza was on hand for all to share. Given the circumstances, a smaller crowd was on hand but some inspiring poetry was read giving everyone great satisfaction.
Overall, McBride thought the event went well and hopes it will continue to gain traction and flourish next year. A potential pairing with the Spanish department is broadcast for next year, so start working on those poems.

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