Paranormal Investigator Contacts Sarah Wilson

April 26, 2019 started out as a normal, rainy Friday on campus but quickly turned eerie as the paranormal investigator, Christopher Moon, started out his presentation at 7 p.m. in Laird Hall. Moon started out his presentation by telling a story of how he got into investigating the paranormal. His family moved into a house when he was seven years old, and he started having paranormal experiences. He started investigating the paranormal shortly after that. As he got older, he stopped investigating the paranormal to pursue a career in the music industry. After he retired from the music industry, he dove back into the world of the supernatural. Moon created two magazines, one online and one in print. Moon and his team travel all around the country doing investigations; two of those locations being Gettysburg and the Lizzie Borden House. His evidence was a mixture of EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, and photos. After finishing up his presentation about his credibility, Moon started the tour of campus in Laird Hall.

Chris Moon with the Rods

Laird Hall was a mix of nervousness and noise as he set up his equipment. Using two rods, a REM (Radiating EM) pod, and a spirit box, Moon made a connection with the paranormal right away. The spirit box kept saying words. Moon commented that the spirit box never did that. He got into the investigation with the duel rods. To use these rods, yes or no questions were asked. If the answer was yes, the rods would cross. If the answer was no, the rods would not move. When someone in the crowd asked, “Is Sarah Wilson here?” the rods spun in a quick circle. You could feel the tension in the room rise as the room filled with loud gasps. At one point, the rods were stuck in their position. Moon made the statement that the rods being stuck also never happened.
After the events in Laird, the group went up to the Dining Hall where Moon got out the Ghost Box, a device that connects with the other side via radio waves. Hearing the replies from the Ghost Box brought along with it some surprise. Sam Woodring, Director of Campus Safety, asked if Chris was in the Dining Hall with us. The response was a “yes”. Not much happened in the Dining Hall after that, so the large group made their way to Warfield where they squeezed into a room on the first floor.
The room in Warfield was packed, but silence ensued as the REM pod started going off. With no one touching it, the group quickly started chatting about it. Moon got out the Ghost Box once again and the amount of responses sent the group into a mixture of stunned silence and questions. The already packed room only got more full as Moon asked the Ghost Box how many spirits were in the room with the large group. After Moon disclosed 103 as the response, the room erupted with noise.
When the group went out front of Warfield for the final part of the tour, the tension in the air rose. Moon was once again using the Ghost Box. Questions regarding events that happened on campus were asked, and the responses made the feeling of uneasiness known. When a student asked what we could do to help the spirits trapped on campus, the response of “dig” sent shivers down your spine.
However, it was the contact with Sarah Wilson outside of Warfield that made the tension rise. After asking if she was present, a student asked if she was mad about men being on campus. A loud, “very” was heard over the Ghost Box. The volume levels rose as more responses came from Sarah Wilson via the Ghost Box. “It’s about academics,” was also heard from the college’s founder. Another question about her portrait was asked, and she responded with, “It’ll do.”
After the conversation with Wilson’s founder, more responses were made via the Ghost Box. Before Moon cut the connection, the spirits said all they wanted us to do was acknowledge them, and that they would be talking more that night. The air was thick with tension as everyone started walking back around campus and were high for the rest of the night.

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