Accepted Students’ Day Turns Out to be a Success

This past weekend, Wilson had its second session of its annual Accepted Students’ Day. On April 27, accepted students and their parents had the opportunity to come on campus, get a tour, grab a bite of lunch, talk with admissions, and more.
One of the things that highlights Accepted Students’ Day is the activities fair in the John Stewart Memorial Library. The activities fair happened on all three floors with club activities on the ground floor, with the café and bookstore being busy: student development and campus life were on the middle floor, and academics on the top floor, with representatives from each major talking with different people.

Blaze and Kieren Marshall

On the ground floor, there was a lot of action with many people going back and forth between the tables with each club, the bookstore, and the student-run café.
With the pleasure of having all the club activities on the ground floor at different tables, the Phoenix mascot “Blaze” was also in attendance. In the mascot suit was Dawson Zalegowski ’21, who was warm and friendly with the students of which he knew, but also the families and students that attended the fair.
“One thing that excited me about Accepted Students’ Day was how many pictures I got and that the parents and students asked about me,” Zalegowski mentioned. “There were a lot of students who were very interested and excited to come to Wilson.”
Accepted Students’ Day is something that helps students get familiar with Wilson and the culture that surrounds the incoming students and parents that want more information.
“Accepted Students Day’ shows the plus sides of the Wilson life as well as bringing students to Wilson,” the sophomore Zalegowski stated.
The second session of Accepted Students’ Day brought in some more students to hopefully add to the class of 2023. The aid of administrators, faculty and staff should guide parents and students to a great class in the fall.

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