Review of Local Coffee Shop: Brussel’s Cafe

Looking for a cozy spot to enjoy some light breakfast food and delicious coffee? There is a little cafe hidden away in Chambersburg called Brussel’s Cafe. Owned by a family immigrated from Belgium, they sell waffles, crepes, macarons, and many types of coffee in their little corner shop. Some of their coffee is seasonal, like the Frozen Nutella Mocha, which is only sold in the spring and summer. They can be found at 55 North Main Street in Chambersburg.
Along with delicious food, the creperie includes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They have places to sit both inside and outside, and both areas have a “homey” feeling to them. When you walk inside, you see natural earth tones on the walls, the floor, and a smile is always waiting. The macarons are in a glass display, and they will box them and add their own personal touch to your box like a hand drawn heart or smiley face. The menu is written on a large chalkboard behind the counter, handwritten in colorful chalk, sometimes with decorative art around it. With such a friendly staff and warm atmosphere, it feels impossible to not love Brussel’s Cafe.

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