Nerd Crew Takes Center Stage

Nerd Crew members

Behind the bright lights and sounds of campus performances, there is a group of very important, but highly underrated people who ensure the show goes off without a hitch. The Nerd Crew is a group of students under the office of Chaplain Derek Wadlington who work on lighting and sound for all performances in the Dance Studio, Sarah’s Coffeehouse, and Laird Hall.
With the refurbishment of Sarah’s Coffeehouse into an afternoon hangout spot or a performance space, Chaplain Wadlington had a vision for students to be able to take care of the lighting and sound. Chaplain Derek notes, “There is a great need for a group of students to be responsible for this.”
The Nerd Crew has assisted at several campus events both semesters including Orchesis, Muhibbah, the Nothing Planned concert, the Cumberland Valley Musical, and any ResLife or WCGA events on campus. Original members of the Nerd Crew include the two co-chief nerds Adrianna Broome ’21, Sarah Schaffner ’21 with ‘nerdlings’ under them such as James Pasaribu ’22.
Big improvements are planned for next year with this group of enthusiastic students hoping to become a WCGA recognized club. Schaffner notes, “The goal is to become a club to be able to get more money.” This allows for more funding to better improve their talents and performances they work on. Other plans include an upgrade to the dated Laird Hall as well as the installation of back panel lights to both Laird Hall and Sarah’s Coffeehouse. Moreover, acquiring their own key to the equipment in Sarah’s Coffeehouse cupboard would be useful rather than relying on security or Chaplain Wadlington.
With his Masters in Fine Arts of theatre production design, Chaplain Wadlington.has been assisting with these students teaching and guiding them to make the performances more impressive than before. According to Wadlington, this “new and energetic” young crew have an eye to the futur,e using these practical skills to leave a legacy for adding and augmenting existing programs.
The group is always looking for new members to deal with the rising demands of campus life. Around campus there are posters for the Nerd crew passionately urging students to consider becoming a “nerdling.” The purpose of this group is to provide live support for productions and events on campus, as well as create stunning light design, no experience is required and is a hands-on learning experience.
If students are interested, they can contact Chaplain Derek, Adrianna Broome or Sarah Schaffner.

Nerd Crew works on Laird Hall

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