Avicii’s Family Launches Mental Health Foundation

As many of you know, mental illnesses are common in today’s society. Unfortunately, tragedies occur every day regarding those that are dealing with them. Suicide rates are high and not enough is being done to help people that are dealing with these mental illnesses. Many people are struck with the pain of losing a loved one as a result. One family that has the burden of losing a loved one from suicide is the former DJ and producer, Tim “Avicii” Berling’s family. You may know him from his famous song title, “Wake Me Up.”
A year ago, at the age of 28, Avicii decided to take his own life. He was dealing with both physical and mental illnesses that overcame him. Now, a year later, his family has decided to organize a foundation to help others like him, who are dealing with mental illnesses. The foundation is called the Tim Bergling Foundation, in memory of Avicii’s full name. In a public statement, Avicii’s family said, “Tim wanted to make a difference — starting a foundation in his name is our way to honor his memory and continue to act in his spirit.” The family is determined to help out as many people as possible by making this foundation. Avicii loved to entertain and make other people happy, so this foundation was made to brighten and change the lives of people dealing with illnesses like him.
Along with helping those dealing with mental illnesses, the foundation deals with things like climate change, nature conservation and endangered species, and development assistance. The wide variety of issues being supported by this foundation are due to Avicii being a man who wanted to help other people. In 2011, he launched a non-profit charity tour called House for Hunger, which had a goal of raising one million dollars in ticket sales to be donated to hunger relief in the United States. Although Avicii was known as a successful musician who had a passion for music, he also wanted to help other people. His family is continuing his legacy by making this foundation to help other people, so they do not lose someone they care about.

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