Photography Class Field Trip to Lebanon Valley College

On Sunday March 3, all three photography classes went on a field trip to Lebanon College. We went to an art gallery at the college called, “The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery.” The art gallery is recognized as one of the region’s foremost spaces in which to experience the achievements of internationally renowned artist and art movements of yesterday and today. The gallery is host to five to six exhibitions a year. They receive loans from major national and regional art museums, galleries, and collectors. This gallery featured work by Dorothea Lange and 13 additional artists. This art gallery was not as big as I had expected, but there were still some good photographs to look at and study. A lot of the pictures had meaning behind them. Most of the photographs that we looked at were during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl time period. The photographs showed a lot of emotions, like sadness, hopelessness, and heartbreaks. The photographs told a story of what it was like living during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. The point of this field trip was to show us more photographs by artists that we do not really see too much today. This field trip definitely opened my eyes of how I want to take more photos, not only in my photography class, but outside of the class as well.

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