Fun Opportunities are the Best Opportunities

Growing up in a small town, I never got the chance to do anything fun. I barely left Pennsylvania before college and when I did it was for field trips. I was not able to go sightseeing

Hannah Middaugh

like I would have liked to. For the past few semesters now, I have done more traveling and sightseeing than I have in my entire life.

Most of my traveling is for concerts and music festivals, but I still consider it traveling. My friend and I drive around the area that the concert is at and explore new places. We have a blast the entire time. We also make new friends while on these adventures. There is just something about music that brings people together. I also get to write about these concerts for the Billboard, which is super cool. Writing for a music magazine is what I want to do after graduation, and the fact that the Billboard gives me experience and practice for it is amazing. The Billboard provides me with the opportunities to get press and photo passes to concerts and events. There is no way I could not pass up a photo pass for a concert where professional cameras are not permitted (which is usually most of the concerts I go to).

The College Media Conferences that I am able to attend with the Billboard are both fun and great opportunities to network with other colleges. Not only can I do some sightseeing, I also get to learn new things. Exploring new cities and meeting new people is worth looking like a tourist once in a while.

I have always wanted to travel, and the little bit of traveling I have done has set in stone that I need to do more traveling in my life. Whether it be to more concerts in other states or going to media conferences once or twice a year, I just want to explore a little bit more of the world. I would absolutely love to get out of the country at least once. Greece would be an ideal destination at some point.

Traveling is not only a fun opportunity, but it also becomes the best opportunity. Between seeing new sights, meeting new people, and learning new things, you cannot go wrong with traveling. Every place has different things to offer you. Even traveling further off-campus into downtown Chambersburg is an interesting experience. Do some traveling of your own sometime.

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