Wilson College Post Office Services

Post Office, Photo by Hannah Middaugh

The Wilson College post office, located on the ground floor of Lenfest Commons, is known by many students to be the place where they pick up their mail. Unbeknownst to them, the post office offers more services than meets the eye. In an interview, Lisa Kinley, the Wilson post office supervisor, declared that the post office has a much wider variety of beneficial services than the standard mail pick-up.

These services include, but are not limited to, selling stamps and envelopes that students can buy for mailings, paper laminating, which is 25 cents for a small 8½ x 11 sheet and 50 cents for a large 11 x 17 sheet, spiral binding for end of semester and any size reports for $1.10, and recycled boxes that students can use when sending textbooks or packages back.

Furthermore, prepaid packages can be dropped off and will be shipped out the same or next day. If students do not have packing tape for their boxes, the post office will help close them with their packing tape for a small 50 cents fee.

Dry cleaning services are available in the post office through the partnership of local Chambersburg dry cleaner, Tip Top. They offer Monday and Thursday drop off and pick up, and have a range of reasonable prices.

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