The Paul Brothers Are At It Again

Just a few long months ago, Jake and Logan Paul, two of YouTube’s biggest money makers, got themselves into a lot of trouble. Jake Paul, the youngest of the Paul brothers, was called-out for fraud. He created a website called, “Edfluence” which required people pay up to $64 to learn about his new group “Team 1000.” However, this website was to teach people how to become internet famous, but to do so, the consumer would have to pay extra for those lessons. Logan Paul was ruined by uploading a video of a dead body in the well-known suicide forest in Japan and later on making jokes about Tide Pods and tazering dead fish. One would think these two would have learned their lessons, but, unfortunately for the parents of young children who watch these two, the boys are continuing with their crazy behavior.

Jake Paul is currently being sued on a several fronts. Not only are is former landlords suing him for damages to the house Paul rented, but also, one of Paul’s old friends, Max Goodrich, and Paul’s former neighbors are suing him as well. Paul’s former landlords, Cobra Acquisitions, LLC, are suing him for $2.5 million for damages to the house that was rented to him. According to Cobra, Paul never disclosed that he was a social media star and he left the house a mess. From lighting fires in the backyard to filling the pool with cereal, draining and lighting the pool on fire, hosting parties on the roof, installing a trampoline on the roof, and making holes in the interior of the house, Paul destroyed the property. Cobra said that Paul’s $40,000 deposit was not enough to cover the costs of repairs.

Max Goodrich is suing Paul for allegedly forging his signature on the lease of the house and then trashing it. Goodrich considered  moving in with Paul, but changed his mind due to differences. Cobra Acquisitions is also suing Goodrich for this reason. However, a source close to Paul says Goodrich’s signature is nowhere on the lease.

Paul’s former neighbors are suing the social media star for turning “a nice quiet neighborhood into a war zone.” According to his neighbors, Paul was constantly throwing parties and causing problems. Other social media stars were regularly at Paul’s rented home, causing neighbors to complain about the noise and pranks that the YouTubers would pull. Fans of Jake Paul would also flock to the YouTuber’s rented home, causing more problems for the neighbors. After Paul’s neighbors threatened to sue, Paul tweeted, “@ neighbors you won’t do it.”

Logan Paul is currently asking  for forgiveness after the Japanese Suicide Forest debacle back in December of 2017. After releasing the video, Paul lost millions of followers and viewers on YouTube. He also lost a lot of sponsorships, and many of his movie projects were pushed back or canned. YouTube also stopped all ads on Paul’s videos and took him off Google’s Preferred list. Paul did send out an apolo

Logan Paul

gy a few days after the video as well as sending out a suicide prevention PSA, but the hate toward him continued. Paul commented to the Hollywood Reporter, “I was so used to people liking me. But being hated? I hate it. I hate being hated!”

Paul has a plan to change and hopes people will forgive him for his ignorant ways.  He plans to back away from YouTube and star in a podcast called, “Impaulsive.” YouTube has since reinstated Paul’s ads on YouTube videos and released the sequel to a YouTube original movie, The Thinning, which Paul also stars in.

Paul also commented to the Hollywood Reporter about the internet “canceling” other celebrities like him by saying, “Good luck trying to cancel me. It’s so easy for anyone to be like, ‘Logan Paul just ended his career, he’s done.’ But the only person who will ever decide whether that’s true is me. Like, if I sleep for the rest of my life, maybe. But, like, dog — I love this [crap]. This creating? It’s my passion.”

Both the Paul brothers are controversial human beings who not only pull childish pranks on each other and others, but also perform and show thousands of young viewers terrible ideas and actions. With Jake Paul being destructive not only to a rented home, but also to those around him. Children are watching him be cruel and childish to those he deems his “friends.” Logan Paul not only showed thousands of viewers a dead body on video, tazed dead fish and rats, made jokes about eating Tide Pods, but he also joked about suicide. He’s become upset because people hate him for what he has done, and now he wants everyone to forgive him for his actions. They are teaching young viewers bad manners and showing childish pranks that most of the time go too far, are acceptable. Both give meaningless apologies while they bring in millions of dollars a day at other people’s expense.

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