Halloween Takes Over Wilson Campus

Friday night and the lights were low, CAB setup Laird for their late night Halloween dance. CAB, the Campus Activity Board, came together to host a wonderful night with great music and good times. The Wilson College faculty displayed their annual Halloween dance as a part of their tradition of events held on campus. The faculty decorated the halls and the main entrance. CAB led the night with an array of songs that spiced up the night pretty early. They also corresponded with a student to create a photo-booth where peopl

Hannah Middaugh & Anna Bavaro, Photo Provided By Hannah Middaugh

e could have their pictures taken using funky props to add to the night. CAB had given very little advertising to the dance, which led to the lack of people showing up. I stayed at the dance for almost the whole time and the amount of people present fluctuated throughout the night.

 Ria Santiago 21’, as a member of CAB, gave me some insight as to what her opinion was on how the event went. As being a member who helped plan the event she stated, “At the CAB dance I danced

more, but I also just liked the location more. There was more room than the faculty dance and I would have added more to the CAB dance. I would have added like food and drinks in the hallway and I would have planned it out farther in advance than we did as a club.”


 I believed it was a valued opinion to hear from a member of CAB of how well they thought the dance was executed. Though few bodies had appeared the night of the CAB dance, it was a great night full of wonderful memories and should definitely be given more advertisement for next year. Their music choice was honed to what students actually like to dance to which was a common opinion among those who participated at both.

Wednesday night leaving a night class, I could hear the thumping music and bright lights from the steps of Warfield. Halloween night, people got dressed in their costumes, ready to dance off whatever “beverage” they chugged before the dance. As a tradition of the Halloween dance, freshman appeared as punctually as possible and the upperclassmen fashionably late. The faculty dance had one side of the open area dedicated to food and refreshments with tables scattered everywhere. While the other side was decked out in their traditionally spooky theme.

 I spoke with Daniel O’Keefe 21’ about his opinion of which dance he preferred more. O’Keefe stated, “I enjoyed the tradition of the faculty dance more. I like that we all come to one area to celebrate this Wilson tradition. I also liked the condensed space and the music choice more, plus who doesn’t like food?” The argument of which dance is better hasn’t really b

Kieren Marshall and Zach Powell, Photo Provided by Kieren Marshall

een settled campus wide. Students tend to like factors of each dance more than the other and some just love the traditions embedded in the life of Wilson. I can’t wait to see who does it better next year.

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