National Media Convention

Around the last week of October, four Billboard staff members and advisor Matthew McBride took a trip to Louisville, Kentucky for the annual ACP/CMA National Media Convention. It all started with waking up bright and early at six in the morning to head to the airport. When arriving to Kentucky and being picked up from the airport, the scenery of the city was amazing, and the vibes were much different than being back in Chambersburg.

The conference started on Thursday Oct. 25 and ended on Saturday Oct. 27. There were many conferences with a variety of media including print journalism, photo journalism, broadcast journalism, and sports reporting. The conferences discussed the important aspects of media, why the topic was important, and the speakers even gave advice on what to do in almost all the sessions.

What made the conference so important was the people. There were many people representing different colleges and universities that had the chance to speak and touch base on aspects of media that may have never been thought of before. I feel like even the experts of media could have something to learn at the conferences. The conference was my first ever attendance at the National Media Convention, and it was worth the trip.

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