Nutrition Club Looks to Better Campus

One of the great things about Wilson College is that students can start and propose things that are interesting to them and/or students and faculty that might help the campus and help build a person’s resume. One of the more popular things that students like to do is start up their own club so that they can be involved in something other than just going to class.

The Nutrition Club, which is a first- year club started by freshman Ayden Gallegos ’22, is a club that will help students focus on having a healthier and nutritious lifestyle. One of the goals for Ayden is to not only affect people on campus, but also educate people all around the world. Ayden Gallegos, a native of Clearwater, Florida, is a business major who also plays baseball and chose Wilson because he wanted to join the baseball team.

“My goals for this club are to prepare and educate students on how to preserve their life for when they get older and how I can affect the world in a positive way. I’m just helping my friends and people around me for now.” Gallegos also mentioned, “It provides me a relief when people laugh at my nutritious jokes even if they’re true.”

The passion for nutrition started for Ayden when he was younger back in Florida and it grew on him ever since. He is always watching what he puts into his body and his family is one of the bigger reasons why nutrition is important to him.

“My dad introduced me to the power of food when I was 12 and how it affects your body,” said Gallegos ’22. “I drank ice water and apple cider vinegar before school every day.”

To show how passionate and animated he was about the power of food, the freshman baseball athlete explained some of the things he would be doing for the club members and how devoted and committed he was to helping people become more nutritious.

Gallegos explained, “People join the club because they are just interested in learning about the power of food and our exciting cooking sessions. Cooking sessions will happen once a week and we currently have 32 people that have joined the club so far.”

One of the underrated aspects of starting this club are the challenges of meeting the people’s needs and understanding that some changes in food on campus may or may not happen depending on the staff of the school and how some may agree or disagree. For example, Gallegos explained the policy of the nut free dining hall on campus.

“My biggest challenge is that the cafeteria is a nut free space,” Gallegos added, “I want to put up flyers to get people to be more health conscious about healthy eating.”

The Nutrition Club is currently still adding members and plans to start getting active with events within a couple of weeks.

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