Fall Sports Begin Season In New Conference

Fall Sports are underway at Wilson for an exciting and potentially prosperous year for the Phoenix, with a number of changes and differences to be noticed. First off, a change of conference has brought about a different set of challenges for the teams coming up against new opponents. There are multiple reasons for the switch of conference according to Men’s Soccer Coach, Caleb Davis, but primarily the change has occurred to line Wilson up with other private institutions. Davis notes,“This allows us to align ourselves with other institutions that have a similar philosophy when it comes to a private education”. Teams have begun well with vigor and enthusiasm right from pre-season and with the regular influx of plucky freshman, competition for spots has never been so intense.

Along with new players, the Phoenix have recruited a plethora of new staff to challenge their teams to achieve greater results than last year. Noticeable changes can be found at Volleyball and Women’s Soccer with both teams acquiring new coaches for the upcoming season. Women’s Soccer has recruited Zak Kruger who has provided a different approach with a number of new players arriving and challenging for spots, with great improvement on last year already noticeable. This is best represented in their win over the weekend becoming the first Wilson team to win in the CSAC conference.

In addition, Women’s Volleyball also has some new faces in the coaching department with Jenn McMonagle assisted by Alyssa Booth. Booth is now in charge due to McMonagle being on maternity leave, in her absence the volleyball team have managed to play well, coming up with two wins so far this season.

Other Fall sports such as Men’s Soccer and Field Hockey have progressed slowly implementing new strategies and players to their system. With conference play coming up it will be crucial for them to perform should they hope to progress to the play-off rounds. Overall, the state of Wilson athletics appears to be in good shape for the upcoming season as success lies just beyond the horizon.

As Volleyballer Laury JeanBaptiste ’20 notes, “Wilson athletics is slowing getting better. New team coach and facilities. The athletes just need to put in good work to represent and promote the school”. The Phoenix next home games will take place on Saturday the 29th with all sports in action, make sure you come out and support the mighty Phoenix.

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