The #MeToo Movement vs. Katy Perry

The #MeToo movement arose to raise awareness about sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. Many people have expressed opinions on this issue, the most vocal advocates of #MeToo having been celebrities and most often women.

Many people often believe that this is only a women’s issue or that men do not experience sexual assault or harassment, but that is simply not true.  

Unfortunately, many men who are sexually assaulted or harassed either do not think they have experienced it or feel they cannot turn in their attackers for fear they will not be believed.

As part of the #MeToo movement, many celebrities have come forward recently to tell their stories to the world. The #MeToo movement has taken center stage at awards shows and during the Women’s March.

However, Katy Perry recently sparked concerns where it comes to the #MeToo Movement when she sprung a surprise kiss on American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze; a 19-year old who did not yet receive his first kiss.

The kiss made Glaze uncomfortable, but he claimed that he did not feel sexually assaulted or harassed. He felt like the kiss did not count as his first real kiss, either.

Perry did not receive any punishment for her actions. However, the internet brought up the fact that if it was a male judge kissing a female contestant, he would have been fired, suspended, or put under investigation.

Perry did not have a comment on the matter.

People all across the globe have fought to bring awareness to male sexual assault and harassment, but they are still being told to be silent. They continue to fight to change the world’s mind about this subject, yet the matter just gets pushed further when celebrities are involved.

In Perry’s case, many people and celebrities were upset with her antics on the show. Perry has flirted with male contestants throughout the show so far, and fans are not thrilled about it. This could be seen as harassment of the male contestants by Perry.

The #MeToo Movement is meant to show the world that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, can become a victim of sexual asault and harassment. Yes, even #MenToo.

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