Sound Off Wilson: Do you think there is a double standard where the #MeToo movement is concerned?

Aaron Hoke ’19

“Always going to be a double standard. Victimization along with rape is considered and associated with women, which makes it more difficult for men to speak out or be considered the victims the same way women are.”

Carrie Stemple ’20

“I think men don’t get represented enough in this aspect.”

Jarrett Rickerds ’20

“I feel like it happens to guys, but it is not acceptable by society. Some people do not believe the guy and they will let it slide.”

Martez Beckett ’18

“Yes, it is a double standard because both genders experience the same issues, it is just that we are in an era where some people want equality more than others which is downplaying some of the other equality for both genders.”

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