The Choices are Worth It

When I decided on being a journalist for my career path, I had one thought in mind. I was not going to create harmful or depressing articles. I want to write content that brings a smile to people’s faces. Something that will allow others to forget their problems, even only for a moment. I keep this goal in mind with most of my articles, though I wonder if I am achieving my goal. Everyone has those moments that makes them wonder if what they are doing is actually worth it, and I am no exception.

Being Editor-in-Chief of “The Billboard,” I juggle many responsibilities to uphold the duties of editor. It can be tedious at times, going through multiple articles while trying to write my own, but I always believed that it was worth it. Not because it looks good on my resume (though that does not hurt), but because it is what I enjoy doing. I take pride in the work I do, and with each print edition of Billboard, I am able to showcase my talents and skills.

Though, lately I wonder if I am making a difference as editor. Is it worth my time if I’m not making a difference? I know that people on campus read “The Billboard” and I am comforted by friends saying that I am doing well, that the paper looks good. However, are friends not supposed to be supportive and tell you that you are doing well?

My thoughts changed, however, when two strangers both complimented on the work we do at the Billboard. One candidate, Brian Heston, who Wilson brought to campus to fill an English position, gave Billboard high praise. Heston complimented the amount of work that we do and how great the content looks. Another candidate, Erin Hoover, also gave high praise and acknowledged that the Billboard is full of excellent writing, and that it is clear that I cherish my position as editor. Receiving such high praise and compliments made me realize that, despite my thinking, I am contributing to the newspaper and making a difference.

There will come a time in everyone’s life where they are faced with this feeling of insignificance or questioning what they are doing. But I have come to realize that when this happens, people only see one side of things; their own. It is hard to step back and see a view from someone else’s position.

Just know that when those times come, there are people noticing all the hard work you are doing, seeing a change with your leadership, and know that what you are doing, it matters.

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