And the Seniors Lived Happily Ever After

Here we are at the end of the spring semester and, more importantly, the end of the academic year. The finish line is in sight and graduation looms ever closer. While the buds from the trees fill the air, the sweet smell of victory presides over the blossoms as seniors finish their thesis, homework from other classes, and extracurricular activities to prepare for the end of their academic career at Wilson.

This is the time that every freshmen looks forward to; all the hard work, the blood and tears, breakdowns and pick-me-ups have been for. Though, as a freshmen, you think you have all the time in the world before your own graduation. Then sophomore year comes quickly followed by junior year. Before you know it, you are a senior, about ready to leave college life behind and move into the work field.

It seems hard to believe that it is the end already. Do not get me wrong; I am ready for graduation and to move on with the next chapter in my life. I simply mean that time flew by way faster than I thought possible. With writing my novella, doing homework for my other classes, reading and editing submissions for Bottom Shelf Review, and all my duties as Editor-in-Chief for The Billboard, time slipped away from me, like sand in an hour glass. I still remember moving into my room my freshmen year, even though I am now a commuter. Now, four years later, I am getting ready to graduate.

But, the thing is, I am not sad about graduating. Honestly, the only emotions I feel are anxiousness about the future, excitement for what is going to come my way, and a little bit of pride that I made it this far when there were times when I did not think I could. Maybe I am too overwhelmed with last minute homework and papers, but I do not feel sadness about leaving Wilson.

Wilson completed their task in preparing me for my future. All my classes taught me to keep an open mind and that everything has a purpose, despite your own thoughts and feelings. My professors guided me along my academic career and made me a better analytic writer. My advisors at Billboard gave me real world experience that I will always be thankful for. In so many ways, Wilson has done their job and I am ready to continue with the journey of life.

While most people say they miss high school, I will miss my college experience so much more. Everything I have done in these four years helped shape me into who I am today. So, to all my professors, advisors, friends, and fellow seniors, thank you for the four years of fun, laughter, and new experiences.

And, they all lived happily ever after…

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