Sound Off Wilson: What Should the Government Do Regarding Gun Legislation in the United States?

Anna Bavaro ’21

“Enforce background checks. Training on the proper use of guns should also be involved.”

Rashaan Bean ’20

“Increase the age of getting a gun to prevent school shootings.”

Hannah Zychal ’20

“I think there should be stricter rules. It is too easy now to have a gun, and it shouldn’t be like that. I feel like there should be a mental health check before anyone can own a gun.”

Daniel O’Keefe ’21

“Strictly regulate who gets a gun. Get rid of gun fairs, require training on purpose, obtain psychological analyzation.”

Cody Dunlap ’18

“I think guns need to be kept out of the hands of people who mean harm, but not those who wish to exercise their second amendment rights.”

Aaron Hoke ’19

“I think the public should not have a access to semi-automatic rifles because they’re designed to kill other people and now people have such easy access to them. I feel like there should be a mental health check and the age should be moved up to 21. ”

Jesse Smith ’19

“It’s hard to reduce because in this day so many people have guns and don’t know how to use them. It would be better for everyone to be educated properly before they can get a gun.”

Caleb Davis

Men’s Soccer Coach

“It’s tough because guns can be used in sport, there’s a lot of avid hunters who are using rifles intelligently… but at the same time its crazy right now the background checks which need to be stronger. People shouldn’t be allowed to buy semi-automatic or automatic rifles. Mental issues also have a part to play, as medical records should be checked more vigorously. It’s crazy because you can buy from 20 different stores in a day, there should be a database to prevent mass consumption. Guns can be used intelligently but due to recent events guns are getting a really bad rap.”





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