The Rights and Restrictions of Gun Control

Whether or not people in the United States should carry guns is a big issue that surfaced recently. The United States has the highest gun-ownership rate in the world, and the highest fire-arm homicide rate, according to a Council on Foreign Relations analysis.

Attackers have used a semi-automatic weapon in 75 percent of mass shootings, where guns were obtained legally in 79 percent of those mass shootings.

People in the U.S. have mixed feelings about gun laws. Some think the laws should get more attention, but some think the laws are fine, and attention should be given to other issues.

When asked about gun laws, Montaz McCray’21 mentioned, “I believe we need gun reform immediately or a change quickly or else shootings will keep happening.”

McCray continued on to say, “Increasing gun laws would prevent shooting because it would deter criminals from obtaining guns.”

With the recent school shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, this made people even more aware and concerned about changing the gun laws.

“I feel that gun laws in America should be worked on due to fatalities that have occurred,” Morganne Kerr’21 said. “I feel that everyone who has a gun needs a license to withhold them in there handling,”

Some people do not think that gun laws should be changed but that other actions should be taken instead.

When asked about gun laws, Jacob Brouse ‘21 mentioned, “I believe that the current gun laws are suitable. I think attention should be shifted to mental health and ensuring that teachers, students, and police know the warning signs and when to step in.”

Along with keeping the gun laws the same, some think that more gun laws would not prevent or lessen the chances of gun deaths.

Brouse added, “I think the nation is split on gun control, but I do think most Americans are looking at the issues deeper.”

Kerr also thought the same thing about gun laws changing the chances of gun deaths. She later added, “I do not think Americans want more gun laws because those that hunt are in favor of them but most of them who do not hunt use them for protection.”

A strategy that has been talked about in response to school shootings is arming teachers and guards with guns. This has also caused some controversy in terms of safety.

“I do not think that arming guards and teachers would prevent school shootings because if a criminal wants to get a gun, he will find a way through the black market,” Brouse later added.

Gun control in America is something that will continue to be looked at for a while, whether the government changes the laws, or whether they stay the same.

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