Popstar Aaron Carter Returns to Music

Look out Aaron Carter fans, A.C. is back with a new album. His new album, LOVE, was released on Feb. 16, 2018 with much love from his dedicated fans. The album includes 12 new songs and remixes of his “I Want Candy” and a new song, “Fool’s Gold”.

The first song, “Hard to Love,” starts out the album. In Carter’s words, the song is about self-awareness and being in a relationship you want to get out of. With an electronic-pop sound, the song is a good start to the album. In the chorus of the song, Carter sings, “I need you to relate, I need you to be patient. It ain’t easy to deal with, baby, it’s only because, I’m hard to love, because I love too hard. Maybe, I’m hard to love because I love too hard”.

“Sooner or Later,” comes next and is one of his singles from this album. Again, with an electronic-pop sound, Carter says the song is about going around back and forth and wanting to get out of a situation you cannot get out of. Carter built the whole song around the idea of one of those in and out breakups. “[I wrote this song] around one of the break up parts of the previous relationship I was in,” Carter commented.

The fifth song on the album, “What Did You Want To Say,” is one of Carter’s favorites on the album. “It’s about trying to be heard in a relationship and you just get ignored,” says Carter. The chorus repeats, saying, “What did you want to say, is that what you want to say. Before you walk away, is that all you want to say.”

“Fool’s Gold” was another one of Carter’s singles for the album. “Fool’s Gold” is about an ex-lover who cannot seem to let go of her attraction to him, despite her being in a new relationship. Carter comments,“It’s a very special song to me about facing infidelities in a relationship.” The chorus sings, “You woke up chasing feelings, healing, trouble dealing. Coping with the fact that you’re alone. Makes you miss my body, touching, kissing, squeezing. He don’t know you’re worth your weight in gold. Look at you falling. Do you even know what you’re falling for? Cause I see you falling. You traded my heart for some fool’s gold.”

“‘Let Me Let You Go’ is about not having the strength to leave something you know is toxic,” says Carter. Carter’s self-harmonies invoke his conflicted emotions about this relationship. Carter sings his heart out in this track. With an electric-pop beat, it gives more of an upbeat feeling toward a sad situation. In the song, Carter sings about how the girl keeps pulling him back into his life when he knows he just needs to get out. He knows the situation is bad, but he just cannot escape.

Carter’s song, “Champion” is about how his father saved his life. The song starts out with the last voicemail his father left him on his phone, asking him to give him a call. The chorus leads the song in a heartfelt direction. “Where are you going, can’t understand. Don’t want you to be alone, send you off but can’t let you go. Where are you floating, where does this end? I just wanna meet you there. Papa, I’mma meet you there. You were my champion, you were my champion. Always run the race, always had to chase. Leave ’em in the dust when they wave that flag. You were my champion.”

Last, but always a favorite, Carter did a remix of his hit “I Want Candy.” With the same lyrics, Carter adds more of an electronic feeling to it. It is just as catchy as the first time Carter released the track.

If you are interested in listening to A.C.’s new album, you can grab it off iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

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