Share You Plate Brings Foodie Fun

Residence Life hosted a packed tasting event called “Share Your Plate” on Fri, Nov. 10. Apart from the great food, the program offered students the opportunity to cook, smell, and taste samples of different homemade flavors.

“Share Your Plate” turned out to be a success with a total of 75 participants. The program presented more than 20 dishes featuring many cultures from around the world. Students were in charge of preparing their own dishes using their own home recipes, which allowed them to showcase their food in the most authentic way.

Photo courtesy of Residence Life

The program introduced participants to brand new spices and combinations that were not familiar to their taste buds. One of the most popular dishes of the night was the Nepali rice pudding, prepared by Pratikshya Gaihre ’20.

Gaihre revealed her cooking process. “Rice pudding is a dessert at home. The main ingredients are milk, rice, and dry fruits. I boil the milk for 15 to 20 minutes, put rice in, and stir it till the rice is cooked. Finally, I put the dry fruits on top. We usually eat it on holy occasions or at festivals.”

Every guest was free to try any and as many dishes at his or her leisure. There was a strong desire to try everything that was on the table, from snacks, savories and main dishes to desserts.
“Share Your Plate” brought forth more than just tasty food. This event was also a great opportunity for participants to gain more knowledge and information about other countries and cultures.

Sardric Owusu ’19 commented, “This program definitely promotes diversity and exposes people to different kinds of food that they cannot get here normally.”

The Resident Assistants’ leadership factored into the success of “Share Your Plate.”

Ashley Horn ’18, one of the head organizers, felt strongly about the outcome of the program. Horn was surprised by the number of dishes and cultures represented.

“It was not hard to organize the program. The number of people who came was worth the effort spent!” Horn shared. “It was a lot of fun too since this is something that people have always wanted to do on campus. I definitely look forward to making this program an annual event!”

For further information and photos about “Share Your Plate,” visit the Wilson College Residence Life Facebook Page. If you were a participant, do not forget to leave a comment on how tasty the food was.

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