Cherish Every Moment in Life

My last editorial mentioned that family is the most important part of my life. I would like to continue on that path. Life can be busy with school, work, homework and daily activities. With everything going on, it is easy to lose track of time and, before you know it, a year has passed. Everyone is too focused on the mundane in life that people forget about one of the most important things in life: family. Take time to be with your family and enjoy their presence now. Life is too short to take advantage of family.

No one knows when a person’s life will end. It can be expected or unexpected, but either way, a loved one’s passing is never easy to deal with. Those left behind must deal with grief, a heavy heart and a numbness that never really goes away. Along with these emotions, regret may settle in. A regret of not spending enough time with a loved one and wondering if you told him/her that you loved him/her enough.

There have been plenty of family members that I have lost. You never expect it to happen to you. You always think, “My family will live for years and years. There is nothing to worry about,” until it happens. I miss each of them: a great-grandfather, two great-grandmothers, a grandmother and a grandfather. Especially at major events in my life like my high school graduation and for my upcoming college graduation in May 2018.

But I know that my loved ones have not left me, even if they have passed on. I know that they are by my side and in my heart. They may not have been there in person for my graduation or holiday meals, but I know that they were watching. It may be difficult going through major events without them, but they are without pain, without sorrow and without sickness. I know they will continue to watch over me and attend these events, not in person, but in spirit.

As you continue through life, stop and take a break from the mundane activities in life. Go visit family members and spend time with them. Tell them that you love them. And, most importantly, cherish every moment with each family member. Cherish each moment. Life is too short not to do so.

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