First Phoenix Friday Receives Mixed Reactions

Wilson Students Take Part in Phoenix Friday fun
Photo provided by Ash Henderson

Wilson College held its first ever “Phoenix Friday” event on Sept. 22. Students, staff and faculty started to gather around the front of Lenfest at 5:00 p.m. Soon, everyone was eating, laughing, playing games and enjoying themselves.

Shortly after, Jared, the Reslife Director, started to give away prizes from the bookstore. He called up about seven or eight people’s tickets numbers, and they came walking up with smiles on their face claiming their new gifts.

After the prizes were given away, students started to play games, such as Cornhole, Connect Four, Uno and Jenga. It was smiles for a lot of students as they were playing games and mingling, but for other students, they sat with a bore look on their face.

Amber Jones said, “Honestly, I think the food was probably the best part about Phoenix Friday, but they should have actual nacho cheese for the nachos and have more or better variety of drink options.” Jones continued by saying, “The games weren’t really fun. I feel as though they should’ve used the whole green for games and activities, and they didn’t even have any music playing outside It would’ve been better if music was there for sure.”

Though the event was from 5:00-9:00, it started to die down around 7:00 when people started to leave. Around 7:30 the only people left outside were people who were still involved in the Cornhole tournament.

Miranda Long stated, “They food was good, the event was alright.”

By eight the only excitement that was left of the event was inside Lenfest, where students were playing on the Wii and dancing to music. However,that soon died down too.

Amber Watkins stated, “It wasn’t as fun as I thought it should’ve been. The way they promoted it, you would’ve thought it was going to be a real big event, but it wasn’t. It really could’ve been better.”

Wilson plans on having a Phoenix Friday once a month. The next Phoenix Friday will be Oct. 20 starting at 5:00 p.m.

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