More Changes at Wilson: Future Plans for Edgar Hall

Over the summer, Wilson has had a few changes within the campus so that things can run smoother for staff, faculty and especially students.

Wilson decided to make some changes while students were enjoying their summer break. Since the bookstore was moved to the library, Wilson decided to use the old location of the bookstore and turn that into Student Services. This raise the question of what exactly is in the Student Services and what is still located in Edgar Hall?

Brian Ecker who is the Vice President for Finance and Adminstration stated, “We created a one stop shop to include components from the business office and financial aid. It was our hope that putting these functions together would create a better experience for the students by offering an individual counselor for each student to help with payments and financial aid issues and concerns.”

Now every student has their own counselor. There are three counselors, who can be found in the Student Service center, that were assigned students based on the student’s last name.. Though it does seem helpful, it appears that some students are confused on what is going on with Edgar Hall.

Edgar Hall
Photo by Ash Henderson

Jordyn Day ‘19 commented, “What is the point of having student services and Edgar Hall? I went to Edgar Hall the other day because that is where I thought you suppose to go to pay fines or get information about your student account. But they told me to just go to student services, so I don’t see the point of Edgar Hall, besides the registrar office.”

The biggest problem is that students do not seem to know the difference and do not know where to go when they want to get something done because they are used to going to Edgar. With this change, students are going back and forth from Edgar to Student Services.

Taylor Giles ‘19, who is a work study worker for student services, said, “The change is more convenient and students are more on top of things and it’s more organized. Students working at the front desk can help other students.”

Sami Heckendorn ‘20 mentioned, “I don’t see the point of having Edgar Hall anymore if basically everything that the students need are in student services, besides the registrar office, but I know for a fact that they can find a place for that to go and make Edgar Hall into something else.”

There have been rumors surfacing around campus about Edgar Hall being turned into a dorm due to the ever growing freshmen class size.

Jose Dieudonne commented, “All backend office operations will stay in Edgar, which is The President’s Office, Business Operations, Registrar, The Dean’s Office and the Institutional Research.” He then went on and said, “I think they should remodel it and keep it as an administration building.

Although it seems that Edgar is not changing into anything anytime soon, hopefully a remodel within the building comes eventually.

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