Final Maze Runner Installment Gets a Release Date

Dylan O’Brien
Photo from Wikimedia

In September 2014, the popular book series, The Maze Runner, by James Dashner came to life on the big screen. The movie was a considerable success, making it certain that the sequel, The Scorch Trails, would be filmed as well. Things got a bit hairy, though, when the actor, Dylan O’Brien, playing the main character, Thomas, was injured in a motorcycle accident while filming the third and last instalment of the series, The Death Cure.

O’Brien started out on the MTV show Teen Wolf and in 2014 got his big break playing the main character in the first Maze Runner movie. He has also starred in American Assassin, The First Time, Deepwater Horizon and The Internship. According to Daily Mail in the UK, O’Brien was established as one of the hottest young movie actors after the first two Maze Runner movies made a total of $660 million dollars combined at the box office.

The Maze Runner showed Thomas waking up with his memory erased in what is known as the Glades. He soon finds himself in a community with other teenage boys his age and soon learns he is trapped in a maze that they have to escape from. After Teresa, the first girl sent up into the Glades, appears they all start facing safety problems until Thomas finds a way out of the maze, leading a group of people out of the maze.

In The Scorch Trails, the ‘Gladers’ find themselves in a government facility, called WICKED, who is supposed to be helping them. However, they turn out to be just another division of the people who put them in the maze to begin with. After escaping from the facility, they find themselves in a desert landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles.

However, in March 28, 2016, things took a turn for the worst while filming a scene for The Death Cure. O’Brien was riding a motorcycle and fell off the back of a prop that was to look like the back of a train. He was hit by a car and suffered either a broken cheekbone or orbital socket. There was no definite conclusion of what was broken for sure, but after the accident, he was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. The production was stopped until May 9, 2016, but was later postponed to a further date to let O’Brien completely heal from his injuries. Fox pushed the release date of The Death Cure from February 17, 2017 to January 12, 2018.

This installment is going to be centered on Thomas trying to find the cure for the deadly disease known as the “Flare.” Thomas is going to face many obstacles in his race to find it, including making their way to the last city controlled by WICKED. They will encounter one of the deadliest mazes ever made. The ones who live will finally get the answers they all have been waiting for.

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