Saint or Sinner? Lucifer Returns to Prime Time

Season three of “Lucifer” returned to FOX on Oct. 2 at 8:00 p.m. after leaving viewers hanging at the end of the previous season. Within the first episode of the season, fans are introduced to a new problem in Lucifer’s life along with a new villain, the Sinnerman, who seems to be after Lucifer.

When “Lucifer” had ended season two, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was determined to tell his detective partner Chloe (Lauren German) that he was indeed the devil and planned to prove it to her. However, before he could get to her, he was knocked out and eventually woke up in the desert to find that his wings had returned. As fans know, Lucifer had his demon friend Maze cut off his wings in the first season, which he then burned.

Now Lucifer has a new problem. Though he clearly does not want them, his angelic wings are back—for good, it seems. He even cuts them off a second time, but they reappear. This adds all the more to his problems as he tries to tell Chloe that he is the devil. But when he goes to prove it to her, his “devil face” fails him, leaving Chloe to believe that he is pushing her away.

As the two work together on a case, Lucifer makes it a priority to figure out who attacked and deserted him in the desert and how he got his wings back. He eventually gets an answer, but is still left in the dark as to why his wings have reappeared.

Lucifer does get something of an answer from his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) about his wings returning. Amenadiel believes that Lucifer getting his wings back is part of God’s plan. He plans to remain faithful after failing one of God’s tests and is letting things unfold according to the will of God. Amenadiel even states in the episode, “I’m sure it’s part of God’s plan” and “Perhaps Father is trying to show you that you have been forgiven.” This plays into the fact that Lucifer no longer has his “devil face.” This leaves viewers with one question: If Lucifer has indeed been forgiven and given wings, has his devilish characteristics been taken from him?

Lucifer must now figure out who the Sinnerman is, what the Sinnerman’s purpose is, how to deal with his wings, and what that might entail and how to convince Chloe that he is who he says he is.
Tune in on Mondays at 8:00 on Fox for more “Lucifer” episodes.

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