Trump Launches Military Strike Against Syria

The United States, under the authorization of Trump, launched a military attack on April 6 on the airbase of the government. The U.S. government was responding to the dozens of civilians that had been killed in Syria as a result due to the chemical weapons earlier on. This strike from the U.S. is the first direct action from its militaries against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president and the country’s civil war that has lasted for more than six years. This could be interpreted by the government of Syria as an Act of War.

According to Donald Trump’s own words, “Tonight, I ordered a major military strike that targeted the Syrian air field from where the launch of the chemical attack was done. It is the United States’ vital national security to deter and prevent the spread and use of chemical weapons that are regarded to be deadly.” The Syrian office of the president condemned this disgraceful act whose description can be regarded as being short-sighted.

Trump receives briefing
Photo provided by Wikimedia

The Military strike not only escalates the role of the U.S. in Syria, but could also affect the relationship between the U.S. and Russia, a powerful banker of the Syrian regime. There were Russians that were at the base when the militaries struck. However, the major role of the Russians that were present at the base was not known. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that the missile that strike on Tomahawk Cruise was a serious issue of concern because it violated the international law. However, in response to the criticisms, the officials from Trump’s administration suggested that, Russia as a country bore a greater responsibility on Syrian civilian’s chemical weapons attack. This majorly precipitated the response from America.

Consequently, Dmitri Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, illustrated that the relationship was totally ruined. Kremlin, an official Russia government website made major announcements that the Russian Military had announced that it had suspended its agreements with the United States that involves sharing of information concerning the various operations done over the air in the country. This is the kind of information that enable the two countries to avoid conflicts that might be accidental, especially when it comes to air operations in Syria. This action is dangerous and may result into accidents due to collisions in the air.

Critics basing their arguments on the estimates that were released in 2016, the Syrian war that has lasted for the last six years has caused deaths of no less than 400,000 individuals. Consequently, more than five million individuals have fled the country while individuals exceeding six million have been internally displaced. At this time, no further war actions have been taken against Syria.


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