Explore Korean Language and Culture at Wilson

Starting fall 2017, students will have opportunities to access to Korea culture and language by taking Korean courses. Wilson students can fulfill their language and physical education requirements by participating in these exciting and brand new Wilson College offerings: Korean language and Taekwondo. Students can also apply to study abroad in Korea during the summer of 2018 through the Bahrom International Program (BIP).

“As a language enthusiast, I really wish to learn basic Korean,” Hang Ngo ’20 comments, expressing her excitement. “Taking Korean classes and going to Korea this summer can be an opportunity for me to communicate with native Korean speakers, and probably I can learn basic Korean after the program.”

Ngo expresses her feelings toward the summer exchange program to Korea, “Through the Bahrom International Program (BIP), I hope to acquire knowledge on Korean culture, including people’s working attitude and lifestyle, the Korean language, the scenery, and food.”

Not only do students have the chance to study Korean language, BIP also creates opportunities for students to experience living with Korean native residents. Ngo states, “I read that I will have a Korean host family during the program, so it would be a great chance for me to understand normal Korean life, how people there behave, and what I can learn from them. My aunt, who is currently working for a Korean company, told me that in general, Korean workers are disciplined at work, but when it comes to civil relationships, they are great friends who are willing to listen to and empathize with others’ problems and try to help as much as they can. That inspires me to go to Korea, meet with native Koreans, work, and befriend them.”

Next to Korean languages and Taekwondo being offered, Wilson College will also be offering three new music classes in next fall semester: MUS-116-01 Introduction to Music, MUS APP-01 Applied Music and MUS-APP-02 Applied Music- Group Piano. Looks like returning students have more courses to considering taking.


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