CVSM Partners with Wilson to Offer New Music Courses

Photo by Christie Munson

Despite the recent announcement of new music courses making their way on campus, music has actually been at Wilson for quite some time. If you’re not familiar with the Cumberland Valley School of Music (CVSM), they have been in Thompson Hall since 1990. Classes taught by CVSM’s instructors through Wilson have been offered before. However, they are now being revamped and are better than ever, with a discounted price and a variety of classes.

Along with the Choir class that is already offered and taught by Choir Director Lisa Turchi, there will be an Intro to Music class, also taught by Turchi, which will be 3 credit hours and will count as an ART credit. The courses taught in conjunction with CVSM will include Applied Music I and II, where students can learn to play instruments. One class will focus solely on learning the piano. This is offered on Mondays beginning at 2 p.m. and can hold up to six students. The other class will be a more individualized experience where students can choose what time works for them. This is a private, weekly lesson that will provide a one-on-one experience. Any level of instrumentalist is welcome, even beginners.

Any instrument you can imagine is offered for the applied music courses. Heather McEndree, the Program Manager for CVSM, states that “everything from accordion to xylophone is taught here.” This includes orchestra, band, and percussion. McEndree hopes to have a class specifically for learning guitar by the 2018 academic year. This is an exciting opportunity for Wilson students. Hopefully, there will be many students who will take advantage of the chance to learn and love music.

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