Introducing Interim Chaplain Derek Wadlington

At the beginning of March, Wilson College welcomed Reverend Derek Wadlington as Interim Chaplain for the reminder of the semester. Reverend Wadlington is from Charlottesville, Virginia, and holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Ohio University and a Masters of Devine Graces from Columbia Theological Seminar.

Reverend Wadlington has been interested in a full-time position as Wilson’s Chaplain since Chaplain Rosie Magee announced her departure in 2015. When he heard the position was open once again, he talked to Dean of Students Mary Beth Williams about serving as our chaplain for the reminder of the semester.

Most of the duties of the chaplain were divided among Student Development when Reverend Wadlington came to Wilson. His main role was to go out and meet people around campus. “I was told to go and talk to people,” Reverend Wadlington says. “I was asked to listen and understand what it is the students need from a chaplain.” The needs and ways in which people practice their faith is changing. This is why Reverend Wadlington wanted to meet people and understand what it is that students here at Wilson need. He explained that in his life he has learned a lot about religion. He explained that, after talking to students, there is an interest in religion on campus. However, there is not one single mold and everyone practices their faith differently.

Reverend Wadlington says that so far he has had a great experience at Wilson and has met a lot of new people. He really enjoys the different groups of people he encounters not only at Wilson, but everywhere. “There is such a richness in the world,” Wadlington explained. “Rather than using it to divide people we need to figure out how to use it to unite us.”

At the moment, Reverend Wadlington is not sure where he will be going after this semester. Although, if the opportunity presents itself, he would be interested in becoming the full time chaplain.

Chaplain Wadlington is happy to sit down and talk with anyone who wishes to know him better and talk about the campus community. He can often be found sharing a meal with students in the dining hall and welcomes anyone to join. He can also be contacted through email at

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