Clinton Goes on Hiatus

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The turn of events at the last presidential election held on Nov. 8 may have caught most Americans and the rest of the world by surprise after candidate Donald Trump (R) beat candidate Hillary Clinton (D) in the polls. The Democrat side of the congress has since recovered and showed strong opposition to the president and the Republican Party, including the recent presidential nominations. However, several months later, Clinton’s Campaign and Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said in an interview with CBS News that although Clinton was upset by her defeat at the polls, she was not surprised by it, something that most people do not seem to agree with.

Circulating reports in magazines such as Politico state that Clinton is likely to run again in the next presidential election and that she will not give up. According to Politico, Clinton signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster and this might improve her position to contest in the next election.

Clinton has since attended various social events including the recent New York Fashion Week at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station on Feb. 16. The Democrat presidential nominee has kept a positive look on life since the election, mingling and socializing with close celebrity friends. At the show, Clinton used the opportunity to praise immigrants such as the Dominican born fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

There is much speculation with the vanquished candidate’s upcoming political plans, and according to Politico some phone calls and private meetings at the Clintons’ house in Chappaqua, N.Y. point towards rumors concerning their political future. Clinton told some associates about her plan to utilize the spring timeline to map out some of her political steps. Recently, she has focused on the projects she wants to accomplish outside the political bracket.

Clinton’s other conversations have revolved around working with Democratic affiliated organizations such as Organizing for Action, which is former President Obama’s initiative. Other potential priorities within the political sphere that Clinton plans on working towords includes building channels for young party leaders to develop and facilitate the reconstruction of the Democratic National Committee.

The former Secretary of State has, according to her close associates, studied various presentations in an effort to get a clear picture as to why she might have lost the November elections. Reports point out that Hillary and Bill Clinton have avoided triggering political topics in their discussions, only allowing the discussions to come to them. Hillary Clinton’s resumption of her social life on Broadway and at dinners in New York come at a time when she is considering writing about topics concerning political policies.

Some people still believe that Clinton will focus heavily on politics, only not so soon after her defeat. “On a personal level, I lost a race in 2014 and it was on a much, much smaller scale than what she lost. But I know there’s a time of healing that has to happen. So on a personal level, I know she just needs to get away for a while,” former Democratic Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor said, indicative of the opinion that losing a political seat only affects an individual for a short while.

There are speculations about Clinton running for another office, this time as the New York City mayor. However, there is no official statement made on what Clinton has decided to do in the next few months or years as far as the political sphere is concerned.

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