Hofstra Hosts First Presidential Debate Between Clinton, Trump

By Michael Marconi


The upcoming presidential debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) will air Monday, Sept. 26 prime-time from Hofstra University, NY. There is much talk about how this debate will proceed since the rivalry between Trump and Hillary has proven rather heated. According to Politico, the Clinton campaign this month chose to focus on national security issues.

Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have given their perspectives on the debates. According to a recent article posted on Politico, current Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper (D), who commented on the upcoming Sept. 26 debate, stated, “The wildness and unpredictability of the last 16 months? It’s only going to increase. It’s not going away. Hold onto your hat.”

In an interview with Fox News, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (R) predicts, “Forty percent know they’re going to vote for Hillary. Forty percent know they’re going to vote for Trump. So, sitting in that television audience are probably about twenty percent persuadable people. And whoever does a better job of convincing them that this is the person I can trust to be president of the United States a little bit more than that one is going to win.”

The next two debates are scheduled for this October, getting closer to the final days of the campaign trail and straight into the November election.

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