Dressage Teams: Saddling Up for Fierce Competition

The Wilson College Dressage team continues to impress viewers at competitions with skill proficiency. Around 7:30 a.m. Sat, Feb. 27, the team saddled up for action as they hosted another Intercollegiate Dressage Show. With teams representing various schools like Rutgers University, Delaware Valley College, Centenary College, Cazenovia College, Cornell University, and Penn State University, the horseshow was a success. All the teams braved the cold and displayed their skills.

Wilson placed fifth overall among the eight teams represented. Seeing as Wilson was hosting the show, they did not disappoint, with several of the riders placing respectively in their division. Emma Miller ‘16, one of the many select riders in upper training level, placed first in her division. Emma noted that going into the competition she was pretty excited and not too nervous at all. She stated, “After the ride, I felt good about it and had high hopes of placing. I definitely did not expect to place first, so that was extremely exciting.”

Billie Jones ’16 also placed, receiving third in First level. Additionally, Destiny Mooreland ’16 also placed among the many riders. Big congratulations to the riders, Coach Shannon Long, and all the volunteers that made this Dressage Show a success. The next and final show of the season is at Penn State on April 2. All are more than welcome to come out and support.


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