Anchor Club and Beautiful Me Send Positive Message

On Sunday, Feb. 28, the new Anchor club helped bring a fitting end to Beautiful Me week with a brief service and discussion. Led by Chaplain Emily Morgan, Anchor started this semester, and aims to provide support and build community for those who want to explore faith in the Christian tradition. The teaming up of both organizations made for an inspirational meeting that combined elements of spirituality with eating disorder recovery, healing, and self-love.

The centerpiece of the evening was a circle of lit luminaries, all of which had been decorated by students participating in Beautiful Me events throughout the week. The designs varied from ornate drawings of flowers and butterflies, to simple encouraging quotes.

The luminaries were taken outside to the front of Lenfest by each person in attendance. Everyone formed a circle and placed the luminaries at their feet, and Chaplain Morgan proceeded to thank everyone for coming. She then offered Molly McElroy ’17, the founder of Beautiful Me, the chance to speak about her experience with an eating disorder and her subsequent recovery. She spoke eloquently about her struggles and healing, and encouraged everyone to share in those and “let your light shine through them.”

After McElroy finished speaking, everyone in the circle joined hands as Chaplain Morgan led in a time of prayer, and then asked all to join her in singing a departing Bible verse. Everyone, with lit luminaries shining at their feet, echoed her words in unison.

All met back inside Sarah’s Coffee House to commune with food and drink, and further discuss Beautiful Me and Anchor together. Everyone was given the opportunity to ask McElroy questions about her organization and discuss how struggles with and healing from eating disorders can relate to spirituality.

The softly shining luminaries served as a nice visual reminder to “let your light shine,” a theme supported by both Anchor and Beautiful Me. Anchor has weekly meetings on Sundays that feature guest speakers. If you are interested in attending, Contact Chaplain Emily Morgan at for more information.


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