Fight Erupts After Win Against Penn-State Berks

What started on the basketball court ended in a hallway brawl late Tuesday by the locker men’s Locker room. Wilson took on the Penn State Berks, and it proved to be game to remember.

With a full house at the Gannet Memorial Field House, Wilson pushed themselves to the limit, trading bucket for bucket against the Lions.

After exchanging the lead amongst each other five times throughout the game, Wilson took the lead and pulled out a tough win over the Lions. The sound of the buzzer didn’t dim the bitter taste of losing for the lions. With tension still strong, the teams proceeded to their respective locker rooms. Emotions proved too much to handle as multiple players from Berks managed to corner Wilson’s starting sophomore guard Marqwon Wynn ’18.

What started with a push and a grab by two Berks players turned violent fast. With the rest of team ushered into the the locker room, Wynn was rushed by multiple players and was forced to defend himself.

With the help of faculty, the altercation ended, but the aftermath was disastrous. One of the Berks players left with a self-inflicted laceration, while the Berks bus driver was believed to have a broken rib. The Penn State Berks were unable to comment, but assured the proper repercussions have been taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


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