Wilson College Receives Funding for Food Drive

Believe it or not, food insecurities are becoming more common throughout college campuses. Many students are unable to eat the three balanced meals a day necessary to provide proper daily nutrition. In some cases, students are only able to eat on average one meal a day, despite the meal plan options and dining services. Some students go weeks without having a balanced meal and still expectated to perform academically.

In subsequent years, students find they do not have the funds to continue purchasing meal plans, or food in general, due to funds and pricing. In light of this, food banks and food drives are commonly proposed but rarely come to fruition.

This year, Wilson has recognized the growing issue of food insecurities, as well as the lack of nutritional meals and the effect it has on students. In the midst of winter and with the semester underway, it is extremely important for Wilson to make sure students are eating balanced meals regardless of their financial situation.

Chaplain Emily Morgan has teamed up with Dean of Students Mary Beth Williams in hopes of starting a food drive this upcoming fall. After a short wait, their grant application to start a food drive was approved.

This grant will allow Wilson to not only have a food drive, but open a student food bank. The funding is from the Pitcairn-Crabbe Foundation, and the faculty is very excited about this opportunity to help the students.

With the idea of “Bring what you can, take what you need,” this food drive is designed to serve the Wilson student body. After all, class is much more enjoyable on a full stomach.

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