The Ultimate Disconnect: Not Living in the Moment

Editor-in-Chief rocking the 80's look! Photo provided by Jenna Kauffman

Editor-in-Chief rocking the 80’s look!

Photo provided by Jenna Kauffman

It bothers me how much of a disconnected society we have become.

When I went to see the Marianas Trench concert, I, admittedly, was recording a lot of the songs like everyone else. I’m not afraid to admit that I too have become a bit disconnected. I have been on my phone when I probably should have been observing my surroundings in situations like the concert and waiting at the doctor’s office.

However, I do not believe I am as bad as some. During the concert, there was a person in the audience Snapchatting as the opening act performed. It would not have been as bad had the person been discreet about it, but that was pretty much impossible considering his phone flash lit up, signifying he was taking a Snapchat video. The lead singer of the opening act, Mainland, briefly looked at him and you could tell he was a bit unsettled by it, as well he should be. Instead of enjoying the music and atmosphere, the kid in the crowd was just worrying about his social media post in that moment. I at least wait until after any show to post to any social media.

At other concerts, if fans have been lucky enough to get on stage, they try and take a selfie with the band members even though they should be living in the moment. They do this as if no one else will capture the moment, and seeing as the room generally will have at least 200 people, this is just stupid. Someone else is bound to record it. Do people not realize this?

When I do record, I try to stay out of people’s view, but others are often obnoxious about it, holding their cameras up unnecessarily high, in the middle of everyone’s view. I would like to believe that people document to reflect later on the moment or moments This is my reasoning, but in all honesty… it seems like the only reason a lot do is to brag about it. I often post a ton of videos on my social media, which may seem vain, but it’s done with the intention that this is the permanent back-up to the memories, whether people choose to follow and interact is their choice. I also post to share with people who are unable to go. A lot of people don’t think about this in the same way.

However, I suppose it is wrong to blame the individual. Society has shaped us to believe that we have to brag about our lives. But something needs to change, because, ultimately, it is just resulting in disrespect: not only towards those around us, but also to ourselves by making us look self-absorbed.

Jenna Kauffman


Tampon Tax: Because it’s a Luxury to be a Woman

Other Editor-in-Chief feeling Luxiorious Photo provided by Celia Whitcomb

Other Editor-in-Chief feeling Luxiorious

Photo provided by Celia Whitcomb

When one thinks about tampons obviously we think of luxury right? I mean what isn’t a luxury when it comes to a woman’s period? Cramps, headaches, ruining of

clothes, bloating, and an incessant need to devour the closest source of chocolate. It goes on and on. I mean come on doesn’t everyone look forward to their period? The wonderful time of the month that causes partners to prepare like they’re going to war by stocking up on pads, tampons, heat packs, Advil, and all of the on sale chocolate after Valentine’s Day. Women are so lucky, aren’t we ladies?

No? Wait. You mean having your period isn’t fun? It’s not sunshine and rainbows? Oh, well maybe we should tell that to the government who has put a “luxury tax” on tampons. Did you know tampons are something that most states tax because apparently tampons are not a “necessity”? Clearly, we ladies know that pads and tampons are a necessity.

Thankfully, Pennsylvania is one of the few states that doesn’t tax periods. In fact, only Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland do not tax tampons and sanitary pads. New Hampshire, Delaware, Montana, Arkansas, and Oregon also do not have sales tax on these items, but this means that 40 states do tax our fellow women. In California, two members of the State Assembly, Cristina Garcia and Ling Ling Chang, introduced a bill that would end this tax in their state. You can spend more than $3,000.00 in your lifetime on a biological necessity.

So while PA doesn’t tax these items, do your best to spread the word and help out our fellow women! There are numerous petitions out there that could use your signature to help end the ridiculous tax on women. And for any romantic partners out there looking for a great gift, try tampons! She’s sure to appreciate you spending big money on such a luxury item for her!

Celia Whitcomb


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