Sneak Peek of John Stewart Memorial Library

Photos provided by Celia Whitcomb

Photos provided by Celia Whitcomb

On Fri. Oct. 23 the John Stewart Memorial Library reopened for the first time in almost 5 years to celebrate the rededication. Unfortunately, Wed. Oct. 22 President Barbara Mistick sent out an all campus email alerting everyone to an unexpected delay. “A valve failed on the new boiler causing water to overflow the drain system. The areas primarily impacted are within the learning commons—the original library structure was unaffected.” This meant that, due to the water damage, student use of the library has been pushed back to the 2016 spring semester. Thankfully the water damage was not too extensive so faculty, students, alumni, and parents were able to tour the building, giving the campus a teaser for when the library officially opens.

The overall response to the modifications and additions has been positive amongst faculty, students, and alumni. Dr. Michael Cornelius, English/Communications Department Chair, was actually one of the few who missed the opening and was unable to visit the library. He was unsurprised at the delay for the library but not disappointed. “That kinda circumstance is out of everyone’s hands, as I’ve been involved in building projects of my own, and it never works out as you’d like to, It’s just the law of building. So it’s great they found the problem before all the books were in. It was great they found the problem before it actually was open and we had to move out again, so I’m glad they were testing that kind of situation. It certainly was out of the college’s

hands. It’s the best case scenario for something goingIMG_1856 wrong.”

Maleah Friedline, the new Learnings Commons Assistant and alumni of Wilson ’13 is excited about the new library. “My first year was in the old building before we were in Sarah’s. To see it come full circle and to be in it again is just a very enlightening feeling. I get excited every time I go over there. Because I’m staff I keep trying to say ‘Hey can I grab a new book’ because I really want to be back in the new building.” Like Dr. Cornelius, Friedline agreed with the decision to push the opening back to allow for time to work out any problems before students are actively using the space.

The entire campus is excited for the official opening of the library and will be waiting eagerly for its doors to open come spring semester.

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