Alpha Fitness Sets Itself Apart

Recently relocated to Scotland Campus, Alpha Fitness in Chambersburg has expanded and offers members a unique gym experience. Owned by Jere and Sheena Snyder of Chambersburg, Alpha has a family friendly, comfortable environment while also bringing back elements of old school lifting that are mostly absent in commercial gyms.

Snyder explained that Metroflex gym was his inspiration for Alpha due to its old school weightlifting vibe and being a faith-based gym. He described the atmosphere as “serious, but not too serious” in that he can connect with members, but everyone contributes. “We want people to feel like they’re a part of something…not like a number.”

Snyder earned a degree in teaching and a minor in coaching at Shippensburg University, and worked in other local gyms previously. After having the goal to open a gym for four years prior, Alpha Fitness was opened in 2013. Snyder admitted that there is much more to the process of opening and maintaining a gym than he thought, and there were hard and frightening times in the beginning. Despite this, he explained he is a firm believer in doing something you enjoy. “Life shouldn’t be routine…you get one life to live, do something you love.”

Previously a school open to children of United States Veterans, Scotland Campus buildings are now used by various businesses and can be rented out for events from professional meetings to weddings. Alpha Fitness resides in the gymnasium building on the campus, and also offers access to a full football field and track.

Since moving from their previous location to Scotland Campus, Alpha’s facility is about three times larger in size with two full court basketball courts, two separate weight training rooms, a cardio room, childcare area, personal training room, locker rooms, a tanning bed, and a shake bar. The facility also has a bowling alley and pool, which they are working towards opening in the near future. Alpha has also started a basketball league, volleyball league, and athletic training program.

Alpha’s head coach and Alpha Athletics manager, Travis Scott, acknowledged how important connecting with other people in a family oriented environment is, something that sets Alpha apart. He said, “We want you to be comfortable working around people.” Scott earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Shippensburg University and has since coached football and strength and conditioning. At Alpha, he trains clients for speed, agility, strength, and team training.

Alpha is also hosting basketball teams from the Scotland Performance Institute, a high school graduate program that prepares athletes for collegiate training and provides opportunities for college scholarships. Coach Jareem Dowling said that Alpha Fitness has made the players feel welcome with great hands-on staff and the best equipment.

In the future, Snyder said that the ultimate goal for Alpha is to open more gyms but he would be particular about who he worked with to keep the same kind of atmosphere in other locations.

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