Longer Wait for the John Stewart Memorial Library

Front of the John Stewart Memorial Library Photo provided by Jenna Kauffman

Front of the John Stewart Memorial Library

Photo provided by Jenna Kauffman

Due to a setback with construction on the John Stewart Memorial Library (JSML), the library will now open in the upcoming spring semester. Originally, the plan was for the library to open at this Friday’s rededication ceremony.

President Barbara Mistick sent out an email yesterday stating, “A valve failed on the new boiler causing water to overflow the drain system. The areas primarily impacted are within the learning commons—the original library structure was unaffected.” Unfortunately, the learning commons area of the new library will not be opened before Friday.

The rededication, however, will still be happening with the learning commons area closed off to patrons. Instead, the celebration will be moved to the front of the original JSML on the campus green.

“While we won’t see the level of completion that we had planned, it is a fantastic space that we are sure you will enjoy,” Mistick continues in the email. “I know that this setback is disappointing, but it does not ‘dampen’ our celebration of the community effort that went into making the reimagined JSML a reality.”

Other events for the day, such as the completing of Patrick Dougherty’s art sculpture on the green and family weekend, will continue on as planned. However, following the revised library tour, the library will be closed to the public so construction can be continued.

Stay tuned for future updates on the continuing construction of the new library…

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