Women’s Soccer 15-16 Season Begins

The new semester  of fall means the sports season begins the Wilson Women Soccer team had a nice startwhen.   They won their first game against Mary Baldwin College with a score 4:1. An interview with Maddeline Chausse ’17 reveals shat the women’s soccer team does to practice for the season.

What’s the goal for this season as a team?

To work together and play together.

What do you feel could play to your strengths as a team going into games?

We are playing at a game level intensity during practice to help us with our pace of play.

Is there anything specific the team has been working on in practice?

We have been working on combinations, moving up as a unit, and set pieces.

Is there a certain game the team is looking forward to playing?

Mount Aloysius College, University of Valley Forge, and College of Saint Elizabeth.

How is the team chemistry?

We have a lot of new people this year and since it’s still the beginning of the season we’re working on it.

All of the players will show what they have and Wilson will cheer them on for good luck  for the upcoming games.

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