Senior Wills



Shoshana Rudski

To Danniele: I leave you the power of DFTBA. Use it well. And Refridgerizaerator​.

To Amanda and Melony: I leave you half a sampler at Denny’s. And Kevin. And a hairbrush for good measure.

To Becky: I leave you the #SaveBecky movement, of course, and also the promise that I will be there no matter where our paths take us. 

To the freshman: I leave you…. ORANGE! Make me proud, young ones. 😉

To the new and continuing Billboard staff: Keep the legacy going! We all know we are the cool kids in this place. I leave you Scoop, that corner computer (begrudgingly…), and ‘the book’….also some garlic sauce for good measure. 

To Kim: I leave you the little bit of sanity I have left! 

Kaitlyn Kuykendall

I, Kaitlyn Kuykendall, do hereby will the following:

To Megan Sterling, I leave the love of being a defender but the strength and mental determination to be a midi in times of need.

To Lily Rembold I leave the strength of the turtle. Never forget it. And the love I have for being a Big and the best of luck in learning to be the best Big a little could ask for.

To Molly McElroy I leave the love of thy self and the strength and determination to keep going strong.

To Alexis Ankro…. Well…. I leave you the legend of the booty. Bubble butt strong. Finally I leave you a pentagram for protection from evil spirits.

Ashleen McCullough

I, Ashleen McCullough, do hereby bequeath the following:

To the softball team, I leave my attitude on the field, or as we know it on the team, swag.

To Kari Lehman, I leave my loud, proud, “ATTA BABY!” Use it well.

To Lauren Hampton, I leave what’s left of my patience. Take care of it my friend.

To all of my WCSB family, I leave my unfailing love of the game. Start strong. Stay Strong. Finish Strong. I wish I could list all of you but I’m on a character limit here.

To Brett Cline, I leave the tattered remnants of my sanity… you took most of it anyway.

To Fortune, I leave my word that should you ever need a place to retire, my barn is always open for you.

To my Littles, I leave our legacy. You’ll always be “a little odd.”

To Friend… you know who you are, I leave all our inside jokes that no one else will ever understand. I hope you snicker at them and get weird looks for laughing at nothing. My Friend.

Shelby Erb

Sisters of 2017:

To Erica Rippeon, I leave the strength and courage to get through your VMT classes, as well as a 24 hour hotline to yours truly about questions/study tips to make it through this crazy and amazing major.

To Renee Bouch, I leave my confidence so that you can use it to push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy your time here at college to the fullest.

To Kristin Hoffman, I share my love of old cars and offer you a time in which we can meet up and go to car show and show off our rides.

Nicole Melanson

I, Nikki Melanson, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Molly McElroy and Celia Whitcomb, I leave my love for competition, whether that is to be your best version of yourself or while you get out there an put your heart on your sleeve during all of your rides. I have the absolute best Littles a Big could ever ask for and I hope you find ones just like you <3

To the FH girls, I leave my love for the game. Don’t forget play hard and have fun the four years will go fast. .X.

To Megan Sterling, I leave a hug, because a daily hug sure does make every day a little brighter J

To Alexis Ankro and Morgan Wonders, I leave you salt, just in case those ghosts find you again next year.

To the Hunt Seat Team, I leave you my ability to do hair, time to start the hunt seat hair lessons 😉 Keep kicking butt ladies you’ve come so far!

To the RA’s, I leave the “the look”, you may need it next year. Carry it with you everywhere you go, it’s sure to stop them in their tracks before any incidents occur!

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Sonja Hess

I, Sonja Hess, do hearby leave the guidance and training of WCGA in the hands of Ghada Tafesh and Cherish Brown.  The state of student leadership is in your hands!  But no pressure; if I could do it, you two are definitely qualified 🙂


Taylor Staudt

I, Taylor Staudt, do hereby bequeath the following:  

To my little’s Lauren Hampton and Jen Patton, I leave my never give up, persistent attitude and a surprise box of goodies!  

To Katelyn Wingerd, I leave my leadership hat to you, and wish you all the best! ​

Alexis Foor


I, Alexis Foor, do hereby bequeath the following: To Elizabeth Hauck and Abby Burkhart, I leave you two the right-sided, tilted dink legacy and hope that you will continue to carry it on. I also leave each of you a box of surprises!  To Jenna Kauffman, I leave you the lasting memory of “HEYYYY, JENNAAAAA!” ​

Maria Thomke

I, Maria Thomke, do hereby bequeath the following:


To Alexis Ankro, I leave you my whiteboard so you can continue to brainstorm the reasons why there has been no Black Widow movie.

To Cherish Brown, my little, I leave you my water guns to aid you should you ever be in dire need of watery back up.

To the RA staff present and incoming, I leave you with this advice: never lose your childlike wonder, always see the joy in this crazy job, and remember that RA movie nights are awesome and you should do them more often because we dropped the ball this semester.

To Kari Lehman, I ask you to continue the legacy of random conversations late at night (sometimes in dark rooms) because those are some of the best laughs you will ever have.

To Katelyn Wingerd, I leave you with the duty to sing your heart out and remember Hakuna Matata means no worries.

To Cody Dunlap, I ask that you continue the legacy of Mario Kart battles but remember that I will always be the Mario Kart Supreme Champion of the Universe.

To Megan, Molly, Morgan, and Alexis, I leave you my knowledge of ghosts so that you can avoid any further ghosty encounters.


Robin Kane

I, Robin Kane, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Nikki, I leave old Easter candy and a whole lot of weird. I leave a post office devoid of cds and photocards and packages every day but I also leave you love. I’ll never forget your face. It’s one of my favorites.

To Christie, I leave my effort and my apologies that I never succeeded as well as I should have with you. It was a pleasure to know you and I wish I’d been better.

To Caroline, I leave Hongki and Sehun, Bom and Ailee. Keep them safe and keep them loved. Pass that love on to someone else as well.

To Asia, I leave Amaya. Take care of my 2nd daughter! I’m gonna miss her (and you) like crazy.

To Aly and Emily, I leave a smile. Just like the ones you had for me every time I managed to say hi or run into you. I’m sorry I didn’t maintain our friendship better, but I’ll love you forever.

To Zhou, Bassil, Hong, Kirsten, Eunhye and our ENTIRE GROUP, I leave an amazing circle of friends. I am so very sad that I only got to have you guys for one year. You’ve made my senior year the best of my four years here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

To Dr. Cornelius and Dr. Long, I leave my eternal gratitude. Without you two, I would have never made it this far and I wish that I had the words to convey how much you mean to me.

Caitlyn Minelli

I, Caitlyn Minelli, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Elizabeth Thomas, my little sister, I leave my favorite chair and computer in Sarah’s. I also leave hugs and support in all things you do. I would leave you what little sanity I have left, but I still need it 😉

My parting words of wisdom:

Take breaks from work.

Spend times with friends.

Nothing is impossible for a Wilson Woman.

Sharielle Lawrence-Cadet

I, Sharielle Lawrence-Cadet, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Tia: TIIIAAAAAA!!! I leave my sassy remarks, stash of mints, and a place to visit any time you need.

To Stacy: I leave an unbroken fork, my stall cleaning speed, and a “Hi, Stacy!” every day.

To Celia: I leave you ALL THE ARROWS, late night shenanigans, and apples for Louis.

To Kim: I leave the sanity I lost this past semester and a large box of energy drinks.

To Caitlyn: ALRIGHT, THEN FINE!!!!!!

To Francesca: I leave you our late night Sheetz runs and uncontrollable laughter.

To Danbi: I leave you our love of cheesecake, museums, and sweets!

To Merlin: I leave you my heart. May 18, we are going home.

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