Blessing of the Animals on the Wilson Green

Blessing of the Animals Photo provided by the Wilson College Facebook Page

Blessing of the Animals

Photo provided by the Wilson College Facebook Page

On May 6, Wilson College had a special Chapel service. Wilson College has a Wednesday Chapel every week and for the last Wednesday Chapel service for spring 2015, Wilson College held ‘Blessing of the Animals’. Like any other Chapel service, it began at 12 p.m. and lasted half an hour. Pastor Tara Magoon and Pastor Christopher Fry from the local church, Trinity Lutheran church of Chambersburg, were proceeding over the Chapel service. There were horses from the Wilson College barn, dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, and frogs. Students and faculties brought their animals to the Chapel service and it was cozy and harmonious.

A special Chapel service was held on the green in front of Laird Hall. People talked about how the weather was beautiful and sunny for the Blessing of the Animals. Attendees sitting on the green and in chapel started with prayers. At the end of the worship, pastors announced for people to bring their animal forward one by one to receive a blessing. The first pets to be blessed were the horses. Pastors blessed each animal with sincerity.

“She was actually found here on Wilson College campus,” said Danielle Boock ‘16.  Introducing her cat ‘Abby’, Abby is two years old and was found on the Wilson College campus with paralyze front fore front leg. Boock said, “She does great now, she is a like normal cat. She plays with my other cat at home. We just came here to celebrate how wonderful it is to have her and thank you for taking such good care of her.” Each person had their own stories at the ‘Blessing of the Animals’. That is why the mood of the worship service was cozy and warm. It was full with kindness and love. ‘Blessing of the Animals’ is a traditional Wilson College service and people hope to see more animals for the next one. Any animal can participate as long as they are updated on all vaccines.

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