WCGA: A Chance to Get Involved

Wilson College students have many opportunities to get involved on campus outside their academic life. One opportunity is the Wilson College Government Association, commonly known as WCGA. There are many positions within the WCGA that let students influence what is happening on campus.

The most effective way to get involved is to become an officer of  WCGA. There are eight officers elected by the student body every year. Acting as hall senator is another option. Their job is to represent their residence hall at the WCGA senate meetings and take that information back to their hall mates. The WCGA holds “Chat & Chews” throughout the semester where they offer free pizza and encourage students to tell them what they want to see happen on campus.

Cherish Brown ’17, the current secretary, calls WCGA, “the students’ voice for everything that happens institutionally.”

 However, this organization does more than offer students a voice on campus. Brown mentions, “We fund and give allocations to all clubs and classes. We’re their main source of income.”

Brown continues, “We’re involved in all the trustee meetings, and every time they want a student’s opinion they ask us.” When these meetings come up, WCGA sends out an email inviting students  to join them. Each officer is allowed to take one extra student with them to each of the meetings they attend.

Since officers are elected every year, it is important for students who have not been involved before to join the process and keep things fresh. Brown had this to say in regards to why a student should join. “It’s a leadership position, it’s a great learning experience and it’s great for your resume. You also learn a lot about what happens on campus, and it’s a lot easier to get stuff done.”

WCGA is a vital part of Wilson College. It represents all of our students and acts as a link between the administration, faculty and students. The members are guided by the Honor Principle, and their main goal is to empower Wilson’s students .

Although WCGA has at times struggled to make its purpose clear, it really matters. Rising senior and Women with Children participant Christina Gonzalez, next year’s WCGA president, says, “I wanted to join WCGA because I thought it would give me an opportunity to contribute to the Wilson community. Most importantly I hope to be accessible to the student body. If concerns or issues come up it is often times hard to navigate the proper channels in order to get resolutions or answers. My goal is to be able to advocate on behalf of the students and promote morale on campus.”

With Gonzalez at the helm and a capable board of members behind her, the WCGA can only continue to improve. The other board members will include Chief Justice Kerry Salmi ‘16, Treasurer Emily Ebner ‘16, Academic Affairs Chair Brant Swartz ‘18 and Brown returning as Secretary. This will be the first WCGA board to have a male member.

Elections are currently open for Vice President,  Constitution and By-Laws Chair.

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