Haikulture: Summarizing Plots in 17 Syllables (12/05/2014)

The Santa Clause

If a man falls off

Your rooftop on Christmas Eve

Don’t put on his clothes



A man raised by elves

Travels to the land of NYC

In search of his dad


The Grinch

Three times grew the heart

Of the one who stole from them

And carved their roast beast


The Polar Express

A boy named Billy

Meets six characters played by

Tom Hanks on a train


Santa Buddies

A group of puppies

Save the Chirstmas icicle

and make the nice list


Home Alone

Who knew that having

Your family forget you

Could be so much fun


Shrek the Halls

Swamp Christmas tales

Shrek is love Shrek is life and

Snowballs save the day


A Christmas Story

Dear Ralphie Parker,

Be careful what you wish for

And protect your eye


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