Finals Week

From Left: Tailah Nickerson '17, Ana Harutyunyan and Amanda Hasse '18 studying. Photo by Robin Kane
From Left: Tailah Nickerson ’17, Ana Harutyunyan ’17 and Amanda Hasse ’18 studying.
Photo by Robin Kane

Finals week at Wilson is upon us for the week of Dec. 8. Beginning with a reading day on Monday, finals are scheduled from Monday evening to Friday afternoon. To facilitate easier studying for students, mandatory 24 hour quiet hours begin the Sunday night prior.

With the preparation for finals, it brings to mind other questions about the week. Are students stressing more than ever, or are they going into the week with a clear head?

Rachel Knaub ’15, said that she is, “Stressed as I have always been every finals week.”

Freshman Ashley Horn ’18 said, “I feel like some of my teachers are not preparing me like they should. I feel like they are going to sneak attack me with stuff.”

The most obvious sign that it is finals week is students talking about all of the studying they have to do and papers they have to write. It is the time of year when even the least studious take the time to review concepts and plan ahead on papers.

Thinking about the amount of papers that are due by finals week also brings up other thoughts. While some professors still use the classic sit-down exam format, others are switching to a final paper or take-home test.

Research shows that many professors are actually opting for no final exam at all. They are opting instead for smaller tests throughout the semester or one major final paper.

Jenny Hornberger ’18 said, “I’m kinda pumped. My major, I don’t have a final in that class.”

Horn agreed and said, “It’s a relief to not have a final in my major. I don’t have to study my butt off and neglect the other ones that I do have.”

However, this does not mean that finals are non-existent. Students that do have to take tests have to get through the week which can lead to some bad habits and choices.

Sleep deprivation occurs often during finals week, with students staying up hours on end to study and make sure that they have gotten their facts straight. Even those who just have final papers to turn in often end up losing sleep trying to finish them on time.

It is important to avoid bad habits. Wilson’s counseling center intern Kelsey Roman opened up about her own experiences with finals, “In undergrad, when I studied for finals, I stayed up late to study and fell asleep on my books. Then I would get up at test time and be panicked. So, it actually stressed me out more.” She went on to say this about the stress students may be experiencing now. “Finals are only as stressful as you make them. You are in control of your stress so take the time to become aware of how your body and mind are feeling. You think it’s better to stay up and study but go to bed early and you can wake up to study, study, study some more.”

The counseling center will be open during finals week if any need to speak to someone and printouts of stress relief ideas are available to help calm yourself down. Roman also suggests visiting

Do not worry. The end of finals will come and it will be winter break before you know it.

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