Sign Language Seminar

On Saturday, March 8 Wilson Athletics staff and athletes participated in a sign language seminar facilitated by David Reekers, a development officer from Gallaudet University.

Reekers acquainted the group with the history of deaf culture, as well as demonstrated basic sign language concepts. The sign language seminar stemmed from the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) in an attempt to inform league members as to how to develop better communication skills and improve interaction with the staff and athletes from Gallaudet University.

Reekers currently coordinates support for staff involved in specific developmental activities. This includes planning special events, communicating with donors, establishing relationships and conducting research focused on sources of funding. He received his master’s degree at Gallaudet University in 2005.

Participants left the seminar with a clearer understanding of deaf culture and common communication practices to facilitate interaction with the deaf or hard of hearing. Wilson extends a special thank you to David Reekers and interpreters for speaking to our athletic community.

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