Ring-It-Forward: Passing Down a Legacy

Throughout the years, the highlight of a graduate’s year has been receiving their Wilson ring, a symbol of their four years and the unending bonds formed. The Wilson ring is a treasured piece of history imbued with the Wilson spirit. Many alumnae look back fondly at all the places their rings have gone with them and the doors it has opened. Whether it is worn during an interview or down the aisle, alumnae take pride in carrying the Wilson spirit with them wherever they go.

Recently, the Alumnae Association has made a call for these precious pieces to be passed down, asking alumnae to “ring it forward” to a new generation of Wilson students. This opportunity builds on the importance of our past and the optimism we have for the future. A Wilson ring is not just a piece of jewelry bought to remember four years of education; it is a symbol of the honor, integrity, and loyalty that encompasses what it means to be a Wilson graduate.

If you are interested in becoming part of this legacy, please stop by the Alumnae House for more information. You can find the Ring It Forward Student/Alumnae Request form online on the Alumnae Association webpage, www.wilson.edu/alumnae/alumnae-association.

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