Bombay Bicycle Club: “So Long, See You Tomorrow”

British indie band Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth studio album “So Long, See You Tomorrow” debuted on Feb. 3, 2014 worldwide. After a three-year break in recording since the group’s last album, titled “A Different Kind of Fix,” “So Long, See You Tomorrow,”  has found another new sound that is both calming and revitalizing.

Reaching top numbers on several different European charts, United States’ critics have reviewed the album positively, showing that Bombay Bicycle Club has made its mark yet again, after the success of its previous record.

“So Long, See You Tomorrow’s” unique collage of sound may have been inspired by front-man Jack Steadman’s journeys through the Middle East, where he experienced the music and culture of the region. The sounds of a Middle-Ages open-air market seem to resonate through songs such as “Luna” and “Feel.” Simultaneously, the album also masterfully uses electronic, synthesized sounds and rhythms to fuse time and space, creating something new and fresh. Tracks like “Carry Me” and “Home by Now” showcase Bombay Bicycle Club’s ability to fluidly integrate both simulated and natural sounds, creating a danceable, yet groovy, feel.

A continuing theme of the album is the theme of balance. The album’s cover depicts a man and a woman, cycling in opposite directions as the sun and moon rise and fall. With each of the cycles, elements interact in unique ways, allowing for a different story in each circle of the image. This echoes the album’s theme of repetition and seemingly accidental encounters with new experience. This theme comes to fruition in the album’s title track, which shares the album’s title, “So Long, See You Tomorrow.” This final song on the disc seems to evoke the feel of the progression of a day, including the sunrise, the morning, an evening rainstorm and a slow fade into nighttime. With the last few minutes of the album, the title track accelerates into a joyous reprise, celebrating the intricacies and special moments of everyday life, along with the promise of another day on the horizon.

All-in-all, “So Long, See You Tomorrow” is a strong album, showcasing Bombay Bicycle Club’s experience since their debut in the mid 2000’s. With its playful mixing of genres and influences, it creates a sound that is both calming and intriguing for indie rock enthusiasts. It alternates between peacefully lulling you to sleep and pulling you from your seat to dance—making it a complex, but successful, album. Though the album may offer a different feel than most listeners are used to, I encourage others to try Bombay Bicycle Club’s “So Long, See You Tomorrow.”

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